Indices and thematic catalogues


This should be a systematic list of the works conserved in the museum, and could be linked to presentation cards of the objects. The list could be organised according to various criteria, such as by object, chronology, artistic technique or according to the plan of the show rooms of the museum.

The catalogue should take into account the descriptive standards proposed by national and international organisations. In this way the data can be inter-operative with data from other analogous data banks.

Below are references to some standards:

In the case of catalogues accessible via database, careful planning of the search and query system is very important. Where necessary, there should be links with other complex systems of pertinent data.

The aim is to render the museum Web Site not simply a place for the conservation of memory and education for knowledge, but also a centre for research and an active pole in the scientific and university community. This goal can be attained by offering services such as digital catalogues; useful for scientific specialisation and research.

In this field the Web Application plays a central role; that of thesaurus of the content of the museum and of the infinite possible ties which each item can make with others present in various cultural environments. Furthermore, in the case of museums, on-line accessibility (in full respect of the Intellectual Property Rights - IPR – and copyright laws) at least of the inventories of historical archives, photographs and drawings etc., provides a useful external service and also a vital aid to work within the institute.